From our immediate neighbors to people living in neighboring countries, there are unique, moving and beautiful stories to be discovered, to be shared, and to be enlivened. Each story is a component of an ensemble.

Written by 53 students from The Esplanade, FORTY-ONE Neighbours is a portrait book of 41 people, each one currently living in one of the countries participating in the 2015 Toronto Pan Am/Parapan Am Games and having a personal link to The Esplanade neighbourhood.

After its launch on April 14th, 2015, FORTY-ONE Neighbours becomes a source of inspiration for a visual arts installation, a dance performance and a mural project – – all to be unveiled in our local park on July 4th 2015.  

FORTY-ONE embarks Esplanadians on a one-of-a-kind journey that contributes to defining our common identity and embracing our differences.

Co-produced by Jamii & CORPUS;

In partnership with St Lawrence Market BIA, St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, St Lawrence Recreation Centre, Toronto Public Library -St Lawrence Branch, Young People’s Theatre, St Michael’s Catholic School, Market Lane Public School, Canada Running Series, Prologue to the Performing Arts, Berkeley Castle;

With the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Ignite, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council.

Book creative team:

Curator: Isorine Marc

Project Coordinator: Zoie Browne

Editorial Coordinator: Rosemary Doyle

Graphic Designer: Joseph Harbans

Cover illustration: Yasmin Harris

International Outreach Coordinator: Kerryn Graham

Translator: Alvaro Blanch

Partnering schools:

St Michael’s Catholic School

Market Lane Public School

Project background:

In 2013, Jamii and CORPUS invited organizations located in and around The Esplanade to explore the potential of a common project for the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. A strong enthusiasm was expressed, and the group decided to work with a programming committee. The committee chose “Stories of our Neighbours” as a theme and agreed on an intergenerational community-arts project that would make The Esplanade a welcoming neighborhood for The Games and would leave a legacy behind. The committee then gave Jamii and CORPUS curatorial responsibility. FORTY ONE was born.



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